How to craft talismans?


Crafting can give you talismans that give your dragon additional bonus during the fight. The better are the talisman, the more significant bonus to dragon’s stats it will give.

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To craft a talisman you will need:

  • Talisman recipe
  • Talisman shards
  • Crystals
  • Mana Potions

Player can get recipe and shards with certain chances by sending dragon on quests. There are different rarity and colors of recipes. The rarer the dragon is, the rarer the talisman recipe it will find. The color of the recipe is random, with an even chance for all colors.

To craft talisman you will have to:

  • Have enough ingredients
  • Go to ‘Library’ tab in your Tower
  • Click on the talisman recipe you want to craft and confirm crafting
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