Players can send their dragons to fight other players in Arena and win mana potions or crystals. To participate in fight players must pay entry fee. The entry fee depends on the type of arena, and dragon requirements it has.

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Players can fight on a crystals arena ora mana potions arena.

Mana potions arena accepts mana potions as entry fee.

Crystals arena requires to pay entry fee in crystals. After the fight on crystals arena winner’s dragon gets experience, that may level it up, and thus boost his stats.

When player comes to the arena tab, he will see the list of available arenas. All of them are sorted, and divided by the levels of participants.

Each arena, both crystals and mana potions type, has its own requirements on dragons level, power and rarity.

Winning on arenas increases your rank in the Rating, and with high rank you can get different rewards for finishing Arena season. With high rank on Crystal Arena Rating you can get access to participating in Tournaments!

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