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Collect, Craft, and Fight!

First ever free-to-play strategy collection game with PvP battles where all content is Player-owned!

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In Drakewars, everything is YOURS - not ours

Everything you build, develop, and get in battles is YOURS. You can keep it, you can give it away, or you can take it out of the game into the real world.


Collect Dragons

Crossbreed dragons to get new cards with unique characteristics. We’re talking MASSIVE variability - with over 1 billion possible Dragon builds.


Craft Talismans & Unlock Armor

Equip your dragons or sale Talismans on the market. Epic and Legendary Talismans change your dragon’s appearance.


Fight in the Arena

Compete and become rewarded. Set your dragon up against other players at the PvP Arena or massive tournaments - there are over one quadrillion ways to win (or lose!)

Grind & Trade

Gather resources, create unique dragons, and buy & sell at the market. Victory or defeat will depend on your trade skills!

Explore Dungeons with Dragons

Send your dragons on quests to ancient dungeons. Whether long or short, all of them offer rich rewards.

Dungeon Rewards

Complete dungeons for Mana Potions, Recipes, and Shards for crafting Talismans.

Trade With Other Players

Mana Potions, Shards, Talismans, and of course Dragons - all of them have value. Every item in DrakeWars can be bought or sold with other players.

Real-World Value

Crystals don’t just have value in DrakeWars - players can use them as currency when exchanging items or collectibles.


  • How do I get started?

    Player’s main goal is to collect (breed) more powerful and diverse dragons to fight on various arenas for crystals.

    Besides, players can trade dragons to each other on in-game market at cost they set themselves.

    In the beginning every player has 18 free demo-dragons he can use to complete tutorial, getting mana potions for completing Quests and fighting on general arenas.

  • Why do I need breeding?

    Each player can get new dragons using magic crossing (breeding).

    At the beginning, player is given several demo-dragons, with unlimited breeding attempts available. With their help player can make himself new more powerful dragons.

    Player has only one slot for breeding, which means only one breeding process is possible at the same time.

    Dragons need to recover each time after the breeding.

  • Why do I need to complete quests?

    Quests are way to earn mana potions using your dragons. Player sends his dragons on quest, during which he can’t control them for some times. When quest is completed player earns his reward, and dragons are sent to recover.

    There are different types of quest, each with different duration and reward rate. Player has 5 slots for quests. Each slot can be used for quest with any duration. All quests are being done at the same time.

  • Why do I need recipes and talismans? How do I get them?

    Talismans allow player to improve dragon’s attack or health. Player can put talisman on some part of dragon’s body. Depending on the part of body, talisman will have different effect on dragon. To put talisman on any part of the dragon's body, they need to be from the same set.

    To make talisman you’ll need:
    - Recipe
    - Talisman shards
    - Mana potions
    - Crystals

    There are certain chances to get recipe and shards during the quests. Recipes can have different rarity and set. The more rare is dragon sent on quest, the more rare recipe he can find. Recipe color is random, with even chance of all colors.

    Recipe rarity affects the bonus given by talisman. But on the other side, the more rare is the recipe, the more effective the talisman will be, but the more resources you will need to craft it.

  • How and where can I get mana potions and crystals?

    SFT(Mana Potions) - are used to skip dragon’s recovery after breeding or fighting on arena, or talisman repair. Those are got from quest rewards.

    HRD (Crystals) - are initially bought for real money. You can also trade resources for HRD on market. You can spend those in crafting, fighting in premium arenas, and restoring breeding attempts.